International Horse Transport & Horse Taxi
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Looking for a horse taxi for the national or international transport of your horse? Then you should be at Horse Logistics! Thanks to years of experience, we know better than anyone how to handle the transport of horses.
National and international transport of your horse
We are located in the Netherlands (Brabant on the border with Gelderland) and operate a new 2-horse truck with side load and low entry. We drive throughout the Netherlands and Western Europe. Drivers are CCV (horse transport) certified and have many years of experience with horses and horse transport.
Horse in horse taxi
Our horse taxi can be used for:
When changing boarding stable
Clinic transport (Netherlands and Belgium)
Holiday transport of your horse (s)
Mare-with-foal transports and young horses / foals (box)
Transport of your horse (s) within Europe
The transport can be planned very flexibly, usually also at short notice, and your wishes are fully taken into account. You can always join along yourself (3-person cabin) and of course you can also bring luggage. We always do our utmost to meet all customer requirements, you can read our customer references about the horse taxi and transport in the References.
Horse transport
For the horse taxi we use a modern, spacious 2-horse truck with side load and low entry.
Interior height 2.45m (horse trailers are usually 2.30m)
Approved for all Long Transports by RDW / NVWA (up to 24 hours) Cat.2
Camera surveillance
Electric ventilation system to be operated from the cabin.
Movable partition, incl. Conversion option to box equipment for inexperienced travelers.
Permanent LED lighting (in connection with tunnels and viaducts, which scares some horses)
Low side loader with rubber with very low entry, and side guides.
Rubber coating on the walls.
Adjustable side windows and ventilation openings at the front.
Temperature monitoring
Dunlop cushioning floor.
Rear step.
Hay nets with (certified low-sugar) hay, or, if desired, the hay from the stable that your horse is used to.
Meets all legal requirements, including NIWO Euro transport permit Europe
Horse taxi
The rate of our horse taxi service is € 0,98 / km excluding VAT (including driver, no separate rental), minimum invoice amount € 125,- excluding VAT.
Fixed price in advance on request, of course. If you would like more information about our rates, please click on the button below.
International private transport:
For transport within Europe, we pay a lot of attention to making an inventory of your wishes.
We make optimal route planning in consultation with the client.
We have high-quality overnight stables on the international routes, where your horse will spend the night in a box.
We provide the export certification of your horse (TRACES), which is mandatory for many European countries. Also in Belgium and Germany.
Because we have the legally required NIWO EURO Transport Permit, there is no risk of high fines and seizure during transport
Interested in a horse taxi?
Do you have any questions or are you interested in a horse taxi? Then contact us.
Horse Logistics has horse taxi service, also horse taxi , national and international horse transport service with horse taxi 
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